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15 August 2011 @ 12:51 pm
Fanmix: The Darkest Powers Trilogy: Chloe Saunders/Derek Souza  
Fandom: The Darkest Powers
Medium: Books
Subject: Derek Souza and Chloe Saunders
Title: Tenderly Unpredictable
Warnings: None
Notes: Originally posted to fanmix on May 18, 2009.

1. Into The Rush//Aly & AJ
Don't let nobody tell that you're life is over
Be every color that you are
Into the rush now, you don't have to know how
Know it all before you try

2. Cry ~For "IDOLA" The Holy//Hdeaki Kobayashi

3. Kryptonite//3 Doors Down
Well I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind

4. Field of Innocence//Evanescence
I still remember the world from the eyes of a child
Slowly those feelings were clouded by what I don't know
Where has my heart gone
And uneven trade for the real world

5. Two Worlds//Disturbed
Give it to me
Two worlds are warring in me
Killing us now, raging inside

6. And So I Pray//Jem
A storm is brewing in the air tonight
so many pressures on my mind

7. It's The Fear//Within Temptation
It's the fear of the dark
growing inside of me

8. Trust Me//The Fray
Lookin' for something I've never seen

9. Horror Show//The Birthday Massacre
They shut the door
We fell far behind
We try forgivenes
But they cross the line

10. If You're Not The One//Daniel Bedingfield
If you're not the one then why does my soul feel glad today?
If you're not the one then why does my hand fit yours this way?
If you are not mine then why does your heart return my call?
If you are not mine would I have the strength to stand at all?

11. Suspension//Mae
Say anything, but say what you mean
'cause I'm caught in suspension

12. Stand My Ground//Within Temptation
Stand my ground, I won't give in
No more denying, I gotta face it
Won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside
If I don't make it, someone else will
Stand My Ground

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