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26 June 2012 @ 10:23 pm
Sanctuary // Nubbins Episode // We Come to Arouse You  
Medium: TV.
Fandom: Sanctuary.
Subject: General Episode - Nubbins.
Title: We Come to Arouse You
Warnings: None.
Notes: Files are mp3 and m4a. Made to fill my Nubbins (episode) prompt on my sanctuary_bingo card.

.rar file | YouTube Preview

1|| Coming Undone // KoRn
Keep holdin' on when
My brain's tickin' like a bomb
Guess the black thoughts have
Come again to get me
Sweet bitter words
Unlike nothing I have heard
Sing along mocking bird
You don't affect me

2|| Hot N Cold // Katy Perry
Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in then you're out
You're up then you're down
You're wrong when it's right
It's black and it's white
We fight, we break up
We kiss, we make up
(you) You don't really want to stay, no
(but you) But you don't really want to go-o
You're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in then you're out
You're up then you're down

3|| Howl // Florence + The Machine
Now there's no holding back, I'm making to attack
My blood is singing with your voice, I want to pour it out
The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound
I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hallow'd ground

like some child possessed, the beast howls in my veins
I want to find you tear out all your tenderness

And howl, howl
Howl, howl

4|| Besieged Village // The Bratislawa Symphony

5|| Deceiver of Fools // Within Temptation
He feeds on fear
He feeds on pain
He rules again
With growing hate
He will guide
Their faith again

No light in the darkness
Is too small to see
There's always a sparkle of hope
If you just believe

He told the tale so many times
About the dream not meant to be
In a world of the free
He plays with your mind

6|| Freedom Fighters // Two Steps From Hell

7|| Stand My Ground // Within Temptation
I can see
When you stay low nothing happens
Does it feel right?

Late at night
Things I thought I put behind me
Haunt my mind

I just know there's no escape
Now once it sets its eyes on you
But I won't run,
Have to stare it in the eye

8|| One Last Shot // Klaus Badelt

9|| I'm Getting Over You // The Click Five
I found your picture in my wallet
Still got your sweater in my closet
I'll bring 'em by
Maybe tonight

And people ask me how I'm doing?
But every question still has you in
I say I'm fine
And I never think about you
But you're always on my mind

10|| Sleep // Eric Whitacre
The evening hangs beneath the moon, a silver thread on darkened dune.
With closing eyes and resting head; I know that sleep is coming soon.
Upon my pillow, safe in bed, a thousand pictures fill my head, I cannot sleep , my minds a flight; and yet my limbs seems made of lead.