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pixelatedcolour's Journal

Pixelated Colours
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Graphics left right and center
Pixelated Colour
Pixelated Colour is the place where I, vindiya, dump all those little graphics that I make that usually just end up accumilating on my hard drive so I figured that I'd post them up on the net and share with the rest of the world at least then the tons of GBs of images I have edited/created don't go to waste.
Avatar Artist/Iconist
I do this as a hobby. Making icons/avatars is my way of getting away from everything that's going on. Or just because my friend linked me a completely icon-able image that just screams for me to make some sort of graphic with it.
I do in face accept requests. Whether it be icons, wallpapers, FO Banners, or Colorbars. I do try to fulfill requests as quick as possible and they're filled based on a first come first serve policy. So if there are three unfulfilled requests ahead of yours don't expect an immediate response with your filled request. If you'd like to make a request leave me a comment here with the filled out form.
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